General rules


If many different people come together, rules are needed to ensure that everything proceeds in an orderly manner. Under these rules, it is thanks to them that we can offer our guests a pleasant stay at Camping Martbusch. We wish you much pleasure!

Manager Camping Martbusch

Arrival / Departure

  • On arrival, the campers must register at the reception and show his identity papers.
  • If the camper arrives after the regular opening times of the reception, he can, in case of reservation, purchase his pitch immediately and check in the next morning.
  • If the camper did not reserve a pitch and comes after the opening times of the reception, he has the opportunity to stand on a place of his choice, which is not marked with a reserved sign. The next morning, the campers must log in to reception and share his place.
  • At departure the camper has to check out at the reception.
  • It is requested to announce the departure at the reception the day before
  • The check-out is before 11.00 clock. For departures after 11:00 clock, an additional day of stay will be charged. The length of stay for temporary camping guests will be calculated after nights.
  • For overnight stays in the Pod `s considered a separate court order. This is handed to the guest upon arrival.

Place rest

  • The bedtime from 22.00 clock till 7.00 clock and noon rest from 12.00 till 14.00 clock must be observed.
  • The volume of all electronic equipment must not disturb anyone.

Power supply

  • The camper has the opportunity to use the power supply provided for his place.
  • The camper is obliged to inform the front desk that he uses electricity and must pay these upon departure.
  • Die Gebühren richten sich nach der jeweils gültigen Campingplatz-Preisliste.
  • From take-off point, the guest is responsible for the power supply itself. It may be used with CEE plug only intact three-core cable.

Sanitary facilities

  • The washing and toilet facilities shall be kept clean. Possible. occurring contaminants shall be removed by the polluter immediately.
  • Items of laundry and dishes may be washed only in designated areas.
  • Chemikal toilets must be emptied only in the designated utility sink next to the toilet block.
  • It is not allowed to stay without a legitimate purpose or in a disruptive manner in the sanitary buildings.
  • Waste must be disposed only in tied trash bags in the dumpster. In addition, there are recycling containers for paper, glass, batteries and plastic.
  • It is not allowed to wash cars.
  • Children under 7 must be accompanied by adults to use the sanitary facilities and toilets.


  • Visitors must register at the reception. Visitor is the one who enters the space, without wanting to stay, regardless of whether the visit lasts only a short time or a whole day.
  • The visitors who want to stay with campers in a parked caravan / camping have, in accordance with the fee schedule to pay the full person charges.
  • Visitor can not drive with their vehicle on the space terrain.
  • The pitch lessee is responsible and has to ensure that his visit is properly registered and that this visit also behaves according to the court order.


  • The camping and other fees vary according to the valid campsite price list which is on display in the reception.


  • The lounges located on the camping are available to all the camping guests
  • The rooms are mot serviced.
  • It is assumed, and this is essential to ensure that the users of these spaces have to practice mutual respect and leave these rooms as they wish to find these.
  • Children Children under 7 years is a stay in the lounges allowed unless accompanied by parents or legal guardians.


  • Dogs are allowed on the camping place.
  • Dogs Dogs are not allowed to roam free, they have to stay on a leash on the entire site also in the caravan area
  • Dog owners have to ensure that the animals do not contaminate the campsite. Any contamination must be eliminated from the dog’s owner. A great importance is placed on absolute quiet.
  • The access to sanitary facilities and ounges is not allowed.
  • You must be able to present all by law prescribed animal vaccinations.

Other Campingrules.

  • All types of vehicles may only be used for entry and exit to / from the camping grounds and only on the designated trails at a walking pace.
  • Vehicles must be parked on the pitches, and may not be parked on or near the trails.
  • The Camping guest has to keep his pitch clean.
  • The campsite is open all year.

Fire regulations

  • Open fires are not permitted on the campsite.
  • For grilling on the pitches is to be used a suitable grill conscientiously.
  • For cooking and heating only proper equipment should be used.
  • In the caravan, the devices must be correctly installed by caravan manufacturers. The necessary inspections of gas installations are to be carried out within the prescribed time periods.


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